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French TV 

On 1st August 2018 a French TV company filmed me for a documentary.

I was filmed standing on the very spot where Geoffrey of Monmouth said Merlin stood and shouted, over the Molendinar Burn, at St Mungo in his church below. The Molendinar Burn is still there. Mungo's Church is now Mungo's Cathedral.

And I forgot to mention this.

There was a lot of other stuff to talk about.

I was asked to tone down criticism of Christianity and I agreed, although I didn't, not because of some cunning plan, I just forgot to edit what I said. 

Questions were being fired at me and I was answering them off the top of my head.

The French guyes will edit ot whatever upsets their Christian viewers.

And so I wrote the preceding Blog and this one to explain why I wrote that one.


Nine Women in the shadow of Christianity

I detailed the Arthur Mac Aedan, Iona/Avalon, and Nine Maiden connection in Finding Arthur.

There were many groups of ‘Nine Women’ in the Celtic world.

The Roman Geographer, Pomponius Mela, writing in the 1st c. CE, told of Nine Woman, Priestesses he called them, of the Celtic Ossimi, who lived in the far west of Brittany. The Nine Women lived on a small island in the Atlantic, the Ile de Sein.[1]

The Nine Women who took Arthur to Avalon/Iona were another such group. – there is an echo of one such group in the name Nine Wells Hospital, Dundee, Scotland.[2]

Originally Morgan le Fay / Morganna the leader of the Nine said to have take Arthur to Avalon/Iona was a caring person.

A century later, in the Vulgate Cycle, she was portrayed as a malignant force.

Powerful, capable women had a short-shelf life in literature and in reality under the shadow of Christianity.

[1] De situ orbis, Book 3.

[2] The best source is Stuart McHardy’s Nine Maidens.


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