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Dec 28, 2016


28th December 2016

Camelot? Dunadd or Stirling?

A reader, P****, wrote:

"If I may, I just want to throw out there that my own opinion is that Camelot was actually at Stirling Castle or its environs, not Dunadd.  Have a number of reasons for that but curious if you have perhaps came to a similar conclusion."

I replied that day,

"I would have no problem with Camelot being at Stirling, because Stirling was Arthur Mac Aedan’s primary base; but for the fact that, except for this being Arthur’s primary base, I do not know of any evidence that connects Stirling and Camelot… except…

Wait a minute!

I said Dunadd was mostly likely Camelot because this was one of Arthur’s bases, and because Camelot made sense as a corruption of the Gaelic for Twisted March, which fitted the land about Dunadd. It is arguable that it also fitted the land about Stirling."

Jury still out?



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