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Jun 4, 2016

19th May 2016

Merlin's Grave - Drumelzier-Dunipace not Stobo (Duh!)

On page 125 Tim writes about the Scottish writer, George Chalmers. In his Caledonia (1807) Chalmers doubted that Merlin’s grave was at Drumelzier-Stobo, observing that Drumelzier-Stobo did not lie close to the heartland of Strathclyde, which is where he placed the Merlin legend’s origins.

I think Chalmers was right about Drumelzier-Stobo not being in the right place.

I 'found' another Drumellzier, Drumelzier-Dunipace, or, at least, I connected it with Merlin (the people who live there already knew it was there)- see Finding Merlin. 

Not only does Drumelzier-Dunipace lie close to the heartland of Strathclyde; it is also, as the Vita Merlini Silvestris says it is, 30 miles from Glasgow - Drumelzier-Dunippace is where it should be if it is the place where Merlin was buried.

Just as I said in my Where is Avalon? blog 16th May 2016 - people come so close and then miss the obvious. Of course, it may be, that Chalmers simply did not know about Drumelzier-Dunipace.