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Jun 4, 2016

19th May 2016

Merlin: A Medieval Legend and its Dark Age Origins by Tim Clarkson

I read Tim Clarkson’s Merlin: A Medieval Legend and its Dark Age Origins with interest, it is especically good on the medieval legend bit. 

As for the origins bit, Tim and I disagree a bit.

For me, once the obvious fiction is recognised and put to one side the historical Merlin can be seen to be a man of the north, a man of Scotland, plain and simple.

As I understand Tim's Merlin he gives more weight to the southern, the Welsh sources. 

We also disagree about whether Merlin was a druid of the old way (me) or a Christian (Tim).

These are matters for antother day.

For now, I say again, the evidence, I repeat the evidence proves that Merlin was a man of the north - an historical figure.

The only reason people say he did not exist in history or that, if he did exist in history, he was of the south is becauase thet have not looked at the evidence. 

Worse, they have looked at the evidence, noted that it pointed north and decided to run with the traditional, convenient, fictional / southern Merlin.

In my book Merlin is an inconvenient truth, especially for Christians... but then, as I have just said, that is a matter for another day.

For now, I am pleased to have an ally in the Merlin was real and of the north argument.