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May 22, 2016

20th March 2016

'Merlin' and his sister Languoreth's home village found.

Last week it was reported that roadworks on the M74 had led to the finding of the 'medieval' Cadzow village - on the site of the village where 'Merlin' and his twin-sister Langoureth grew up in the mid-6th century. This find was made smack-bang next to the fort at Cadzow which I identified, in Finding Merlin, as the place where they lived

This ties in with the finding of the 'Round Table' in the shadow of Stirling Castle rock in 2011. (It was actually a round mound about which Arthur and his fellows sat.) I was putting the finishing touches on Finding Arthur when this find was made. 

I made these finds in history. The archaeologists made their finds on the ground.

Arthur & 'Merlin' make sense in Scotland and nowhere else.