'Ardrey delivers a bombshell... fascinating stuff'
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'A brilliant piece of detective work... enthralling'
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No one cares about anyone else’s family history (and quite right too), and so it was that when I was researching my family name, Ardrey, I looked where no one else had looked and found what no one else had found. I already knew that the earliest reference to Merlin had him at the battle of Arderydd, fought on the Scotland-England border in 573CE, and that the very next year the historical figure Arthur Mac Aedan was based at the hillfort of Dunardry [sic] in Argyll.

I did not know how it had come to be that Merlin had an Arderydd connection and that, at the same time, an Arthur (Arthur Mac Aedan) had a Dunardry connection. This had always seemed to me to be too much of a coincidence to be just a coincidence.

It was only in 2000, when planning to take my then ten year old son to Argyll, to where our family came from, that I found evidence that was new to me, and made the necessary connection.

The evidence I found led me to other questions and other answers, until everything fell into place. Then I wrote Finding Merlin (UK 2007 USA 2008) and Finding Arthur (UK & USA 2013).

I made several mistakes in Finding Merlin. One mistake was to write about the evidence that got me started, and which binds all the other evidence together, without saying exactly what this evidence was. I thought this evidence was a matter for Finding Arthur. This omission left me open to the very fair charge that I was being mysterious for mystery’s sake and I was justly criticised for this.


Another of my mistakes was to write about what is probably ‘Merlin’s Grave’ without saying where it is. In fairness to me, I wanted to give the archaeologists a chance to get-in first.

Scottish archaeologists are not interested. 

The archaeologists were not interested. The problem, if you write about Arthur and Merlin, is that people tend to be sceptical. The only known cure for this scepticism is to look at the evidence in Finding Merlin and Finding Arthur.

As is said in Scotland, facts are chiels that winna ding, in effect, facts are immutable. 

Finding Merlin

Finding Merlin is now available to buy online and in bookshops.

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Finding Arthur

Finding Arthur is now available to buy online and in bookshops.

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